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Whether its Murder, Manslaughter, Kidnap, Drug Trafficking, Organised Crime, Sexual Offences, Dishonesty, Assault or Perverting the Course of Justice, the team at Kenneth M Barrow & Co have experience in dealing with the full spectrum of criminal cases.  We understand that clients need more than just advice.  We invest time in knowing our clients’ circumstances, needs and preferences to deliver informed and practical assistance.

We are committed to providing the highest quality advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In protecting your personal and commercial interests, we can travel anywhere in the country to ensure that the investigation process is conducted properly and fairly.

We have a reputation for leaving no stone unturned and being pro-active in gathering evidence to support your case, with a view to enhancing your chances of obtaining the best possible result.

We have specialist teams renowned for having the knowledge and expertise to achieve excellent results in Serious and Complex Criminal cases.  We are recognised for challenging prosecutions by the Serious Fraud Office, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, the Department of Work & Pensions, the Department of Trade & Industry, the Serious Organised Crime Agency and other specialist departments.

We will not simply wait for the other side to build a case against you.  With all matters from simple road traffic cases to murder and the most complicated criminal or civil fraud, we begin to take preventative measures at the outset and assist you at every stage of the proceedings.

We have strong links with nationally recognised leading criminal defence Barristers who work hand in hand with designated teams to ensure the utmost co-operation, discussion and collaboration between your individual case-worker.  We ensure that every avenue is explored during the preparation of your case, that inadmissible evidence is challenged and that all material helpful to your case is properly disclosed.

We enjoy a close working relationship with a network of leading legal experts including phone interrogation experts, cell cite experts, forensic scientists, medical experts and accident reconstruction experts, who can help us to thoroughly scrutinise the opposite side’s evidence, prevent prosecutions or increase your chances of success.

Without compromising on the quality of our first-class service levels, we will represent you on legal aid or offer you flexible payment structures and some of the most competitive private rates in the country.

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